The Underlying Project

A collaborative approach at finding insight

In every field, there is knowledge accumulated from experience, that mostly lays dormant beneath the surface. The majority of people stay on the surface and never even suspect there is something more. But some dig deeper, and unearth insights that are truly game-changers.

Ironically –or not–, those who are willing to show up and do the work, the ones who are willing to do the deep-dive are the ones who find their way to the top without using their elbows. They have no problem sharing what they have learned.They understand that the real risk is to keep people in the dark, to continue operating on the surface, missing the opportunity to harness the underlying.

This is a collective effort made by top professionals in their fields, who agreed to lend their knowledge and expertise as a gift for people like you and us, because they believe collaboration is far more powerful than competition.

Here is a collection of insights that these people believe in. They believe these ideas are important, and they believe it’s important that they are shared. So they did. 

These are the voices of those who chose to put in the emotional labor of understanding and then explaining in their honest words. They have chosen to be generous with what they gathered for you to learn, grow and keep sharing.

Meet the voices

Who put this together

Esmeralda Avellaneda

Martin Pettinati

Victoria Marcó